Episode one: The party gets created, the world is established, and the adventure begins.  

In the second episode of the show, our heroes are finally all together and begin to get to know each other. Lyra drinks too much, Guda gambles. Zinfir...View Details

In this episode of the show, our heroes set out on their first mission to help the people of Saltmarsh by investigating an abandoned house on a hill. ...View Details

In this episode of Are We Dead Yet? the party’s journey into the house on the hill takes a turn. Damien and Lyra have a coughing fit, Guda cuts a stri...View Details

In this episode the party learns of a mysterious light seen by The Herald the night before. Guda performs a ritual, Lyra ascends, Damien tries on a di...View Details

In this tense finale of the first mission in the Saltmarsh campaign our heroes are now shipwrecked, at night in the water. The Herald doesn’t see it...View Details

The party awakes to find themselves in the Saltmarsh Prison, but quickly finds that their fortunes have changed. The party gets offered a job, Lyra ...View Details

In this episode of Are We Dead Yet? the party is out of the frying pan, but Guda realizes that not all of his stuff made it back to town. After a sh...View Details

In this episode of Are We Dead Yet? our party finishes resupplying in town. Zinfir and The Herald wake up Lyra. Lyra cuddles Damien. Guda practices wi...View Details

In this episode our heroes face their most challenging foe yet, completely at Random. After a roll on a random encounter table brings a bloodthirsty m...View Details

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