Having saved Tik Tock (for now), the party faces the backlash of the town, despite their best efforts to keep everyone safe. Lyra has terrible scars. Gude finds a new treasure. Damien slams their enemy. Father Crow parties and insults. After a night of festivities, drinks, and poetry, the group retires to their beds for the night. But lurking in the shadows is a threat none of them are prepared to deal with. Their future seems… Uncertain.


This is the last episode of our Saltmarsh campaign until we are able to begin recording in person again. Until then we will be bringing you remote recorded “Quarantine Sessions” with new characters, a different story, some fun action, and silly moments. The audio quality won’t be as good in the Quarantine Sessions, but thats kind of what makes it fun. We hope you’ll stick with us. We look forward to continuing the adventures of Damien, Father Crow, Gude, Lyra, and Zinfir soon, once this whole Pandemic has blown over.

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